Claire and Geillis spend their night in the thieves’ hole. Geillis is unaware that Dougal has been sent away, and her attitude goes from confident to “oh shit” in a heartbeat. In the morning they are taken to the courthouse, a lovely walk that takes them by the building of a fire pit. Their trial is an absolute shit show and nothing is going in Claire’s favor. Luckily, her Knight in Shining Elderly Lawyer appears. Ned is EVERYTHING and effectively shuts down most of those who have shown up to speak out against her.   Day 1 of the trial ends and good ol’ ned leaves Claire with some whiskey and information. Ned is representing her at trial on his own accord. He was not sent by Colum to aid Claire…and Colum would probably not be pleased that he was doing so. From the book we know that Ned is basically just buying time until someone can come and rescue Claire, as he doesn’t give two flying fucks about what happens to Geillis. In the cell while sharing the whiskey, Geillis spills about her plan and her love for Scottland and Dougal (it appears they are keeping this change from the book. There, Dougal is a means to an end, there really isn’t any love and the pregnancy is not welcomed by Geillis). Claire, in a snarky tone, quotes Nathan Hale- “I only regret that I have one life to lose for my country,” from the look on Geillis’s face, she appears to have heard this quote before…but Nathan Hale wouldn’t be born for another 15 years.

The next morning begins with that stupid biotch Laoghaire. God, every time I see her face I want to reach through the screen and punch her. She’s like a Scottish female version of Joffrey. Father Bain is up next and my God is he a calculating son-of-a-bitch. He gives his “confession” to court. He had given the sick boy his last rights; only for Claire to cure him soon after, effectively reeling in the court audience. He feels soooo guilty for giving up on the boy. So much so he has started to turn from God. Boom. Claire’s done. The crowd now believes that she is so powerful in the dark arts that she has turned a man of God. Bain turns and smirks at Claire. If he had had a mic, he would have dropped it and walked off.

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During a short recess Ned informs Claire that if she is to be saved, she must turn against Geillis. Ned leaves the two of them and Geillis demands to know why Claire is in Scotland, calling out Claire on her cover story lies. Geillis may not believe her story, but she realizes Claire is there by accident, without an agenda and makes the comment “Looks like I’m going to a fucking barbecue,” as they make their way into the courtroom. Claire does not seem to catch this, even though not long ago she had to explain to Jamie what the word “fucking” meant. Not only that, did they even have the word barbeque back then? This had to be a total light bulb moment for viewers. Even though Geillis is certain Claire will give her up, to Ned’s dismay, she doesn’t. The courtroom is in frenzy and both women are condemned. Claire curses the court, and is sentenced to a flogging…because the fact that she will burn very soon isn’t enough? Ned freaks out. Geillis quickly tells Claire “The question you had before, I think it is possible: 1968.” Ned fires a gun and is mobbed (his fate unknown here), causing a commotion. Claire is then grabbed, taken to floor and flogged. Of course this is right in front of that dumb snatch Laoghaire, who runs her dumb snatch mouth.

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Jamie bursts into the room, having left his duty of escorting Dougal back to his estate. In the books he’s out hunting with the Duke of Sandringham and upon hearing of Claire’s arrest, of all people, Auld Alec rides through the night to inform Jamie of Claire’s predicament. Murtagh joins him, but instead goes to Leoch to grab Claire and Jamie’s possessions in order to meet up for escape. In the book Jamie tells the court “I swore an oath before the altar of God to protect this woman. And if you’re tellin’ me that ye consider your own authority to be greater than that of the Almighty, then I must inform ye that I’m not of that opinion, myself,” and I think it is line for line here as well. Jamie has two swords drawn and as formidable as he is, it’s just him.

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In the book he has the jet rosary that Colum had given Claire. He throws it at Claire and is able to land it around her neck. Jet will apparently burn witches and upon seeing that the jet rosary does nothing to Claire, the crowd realizes she is not a witch. However, she’s still in a load of shit. Colum must have had the same initial thoughts as to who/what Claire was, and used the gift as a way to find out.

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As in the book, Geillis saves Claire by yelling to the crowd Claire is not a witch, but SHE is. She strips, revealing her pregnant belly and tells the crowd she has the mark of the devil, which is actually a smallpox vaccination. The crowd grabs her and she basically crowd surfs through the court, which is funny because I’m sure there were many bare bellied chicks at Coachella this weekend who also bathe in moonlight and really like sage. Geillis- the original hipster. She turns to Claire during this, who is hidden to the side and says, “run.” At Jamie’s urging, he and Claire slip away and make their escape.  They watch as she’s taken toward the pyre.


Later as Jamie tends to Claire’s flogging wounds, he says he wouldn’t make her tell him anything she didn’t want to but- “when you do tell me something, let it be the truth.” Claire tells Jamie everything- all of her secrets, stones, her marriage to Frank and her knowledge of what is to come-everything. It just pours out of her and she is relieved to finally tell someone. Jamie realizes that when he beat Claire for escaping, which he was already disgusted with himself over, that he did so after she was only trying to get back to her own time and husband. He feels sick with guilt over this…and all I want to do is comfort him…while naked.

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They travel onward for a few days, apparently to Lollybroch. Claire reflects as narrator that she wants to imagine a life at Lollybroch, but isn’t able to, basically there’s too much going for her. There’s some sexy time at the end of one day, which Claire looks to thoroughly enjoy, and I was totally jealous not being able to enjoy the same.

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The next morning Jamie looks upon her adoringly as she sits by a stream. Ughhh. He just hands out all of the lady boners with his looks. “Are you ready to go home?” he asks, and of course Claire believes he means Lollybroch and seems totally pleased with the idea.  Jamie must have magic fingers. Instead he takes her up the backside of Craigh na Dun. That’s where they had stopped to sleep. Jamie had decided to do this for Claire without her knowledge, after the guilt he had felt over her failed escape attempt(s) to go back to Frank, and his deep love for her. She is shocked.

They have their goodbye. As Claire walks towards the rock, Jamie pulls her back. In the books it’s because he’s terrified for her safety, she experiences pain when the rocks begin scream and looks as if she’s hurt or dying. Here, it’s because he isn’t ready to say goodbye. I’ve always wondered if Jamie had not been there to pull her back, whether from fear of her death or just inability to say goodbye, if Claire would have gone through the rock and back to Frank on her first attempt.

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She spends a long time contemplating what she will do, and traces the forked line on her palm. In the books she takes steps towards the rock and then steps towards Jamie, over and over, until without even realizing it she is at a full sprint down the hill toward Jamie. She finds him and the pain on his tear streaked sleeping face is evident.  Total disbelief and joy upon seeing Claire and she’s kinda like “let me get up in that kilt, son.”

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