A Packed Ballroom 20 was treated to a trailer for season 2.  And while Droughtlander continues, you can watch the panel in it’s (almost) entirety below. The Season 2 trailer included Frank, Bouton the dog and Mother Hildegard, a glimpse of Fergus, lavish sets, Murtagh, and *drumroll* a duel.  They also released a clip of the gag reel that will be on the Blue-Ray.  Outlander stars, and ridiculously good looking couple (I mean, they have to be), Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, were joined by author Diana Gabaldon and Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and Maril Davis.

While she may be at work on novel number 9, season 2 will cover material in Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber. The first half of season 2, described by Heughan as “voluptuous,” will switch back and forth between 18th Century France and post World War II. It makes its return to Scotland in the second half. Readers, you know what that means. Gabaldon confirmed she will be writing an episode this season, but it wasn’t revealed which event she will be taking on (I’m hoping it’s a second half episode). Moore said that this season deviates somewhat from the book, but doesn’t stray too far, “I feel like we’ve preserved the spirit of the second book.”

Dragonfly is a big book to take on, and includes lavish sets and outrageous costumes, as well as the Jacobite Rebellion. Fingers crossed it stays as faithful as season 1 was to the novels, and doesn’t follow Game of Thrones in its adaptation of A Song of Ice & Fire. Heughen joked Balfe is enjoying working with the not-ugly-at-all French actors.  Balfe also had a greattime wearing the baby bump, she and Davis would shop and jog wearing matching bumps. Not only does she get a bump and new wardrobe, (as one cannot wear drab Highlander dresses while rubbing elbows with members of French court), she gets butt-cheek inserts. Heughan will be in pants for the first half, and while he looks good in a kilt, I don’t mind seeing that ass in a pair of britches.

The crowd freaked out as Heughen made good on a bet made with Once Upon A Time’sColin O’Donoghue. They were finalists in E! Online’s Alpha Male Madness tournament, promising on Twitter the winner would dress up as the other-Colin in a kilt and Sam in guy-liner. Heughen won. Since Heughan had not yet fulfilled his end of the deal, moderator Kristin Dos Santos of E! brought along a full pirate costume and a eyeliner to the panel. Balfe applied the eyeliner, adding a mustache. The cast also played a drinking game, (clips below). They read lines and if they cracked a smile, they drank. Surprisingly someone made it through 50 Shades.