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Alright.  Here’s what we have.  Davos, Ghost, Edd and another Jon loyalist prepare to fend off the traitors who, apparently, want to burn Jon’s body.  Mel looks lost/deep in thought.  Prett sure that both Davos AND Sansa are visiting the Mormont’s.  Perhaps Davos finding Sansa with the Mormont’s will take the place of his traveling to Skagos to find Rickon for Wyman Manderly.  It looks as if Sansa travels to Castle Black, and marches with Davos to lead the Stark men into battle.  The Mormont flag can be seen flying with the Stark banners, as well as another I cannot make out. Ramsay Bolton cleaning his bloody blade with a messy bed behind him probably means he’s killed a woman.

Walder Frey sits on his throne and toasts his men, with Black Walder, the man who cut Catelyn’s throat.  It looks like a nice celebration.  If there was ever going to be a Frey Pie moment on the show, this could be it.  After all, “The North remembers,” and that rumored Northern conspiracy HAS to pop up this season.

Tormund is  BEAST in this trailer.  Of special note, Tormund’s comment:

“I thought he was the man to lead us through the Long Night, but I was wrong.”

Is not about Jon.  Yes, the clip cuts to Jon, but I’m pretty positive he’s talking about Mance.

Jamie and Cerrsei sib-bone, and then Cersei tries once again to bring Tommen to the dark side, in a touching moment.    It IS Jamie  on the steps, in trailer 1 he was too far up, and it’s Mace Tyrell, much less impressive in this side shot than in trailer 1’s show from behind.  Looks like I was wrong about it being Randyll Tarley.  The best part of this is the interaction between The High Sparrow and Jamie:

HS: “You would spill blood in this holy place?”

J: “The gods won’t mind, they spill more blood than the rest of us combined.”

A shadowy figure attacks another.  This could be a Sparrow attacking unGregor, then getting his head ripped off by unGregor.  But the most interesting part about all of that, is that the fingers on the dead Sparrow twitch.  Will there be wights in the South this season?

Marg looks super sketch when she walks into Loras’s cell.  She totally sold his ass out, right?

Dany is getting stripped by  the Dosh Khaleens, and she does not look pleased.  I see that look and I wipe my hands and find a flame retardant hut.

Tyrion is confronted by Kesh and a group of Masters who ask him if he likes games.  This could be the question that spurred his response about the “biggest game” in trailer 1.

Tyrion: “Dragons do not do well in captivity.”

Missendei:”How do you know this?”

Tyrion: “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”

This apparently leads him to the dungeons, to set the dragons free.  In the novels, it’s Quentyn Martell of Dorne, Prince Doran’s son, who has been sent to court Dany, that attempts  to free the dragons.  He dies.  Doubt Tyrion will.  The Harpy’s are still at it, although it looks like something is going to get their attention, most likely two dragons.  We are introduced to a new Red Priestess.  There was a part of the script leaked during auditions for this part, and it’s a scene between Varys, Tyrion and the new Priestess.  She leaves looking pleased, them, not so much.  Here’s the possible script for that scene, if you can’t wait.

Euron is on a  bridge, still.  Yara looks pissed.  Or sad.  No spoilers. My guess is that she takes Victorion’s place at Euron’s side, judging by the fact she is making out with a Volantine slave woman (the tattoo on the other woman’s face gives this away), which means Yara leaves Westeros.

Not sure what is up with Theon here.

I’m sticking with Arya not being blind in these trailers, but warging.  She is also a ninja.  In the first trailer, when she jumps off of the rooftops, she apparently murders someone, hence the bloody hand on the wall here.  Jamie ends up at Riverrun, to end the siege.  This is going to be great.  Catelyn’s Uncle, the “Blackfish” Brynden Tulley, has held the castle from the Lannister and Frey armies since the Red Wedding.  He’s one of my favorite characters in the novels, I hope they do him justice (unlike the previously mentioned Asha.  I mean Yara).  This is also a very pivotal point in Jamie’s story line as well.  Brienne and Pod make it to Riverrun and the editing makes it appear as if Pod is being strangled, but I think it’s just Bronn messing with him.

Bran wargs (see that Arya’s eyes look exactly as his do).  He “travels” back in time with Bloodraven to the Tower of Joy, where a man in Targ armor (apparently the super hot Eddie Eyre as Sir Arthur Dayne), fights a man who may or may not be Luke Roberts as Ned Stark.  I wonder why they chose not to have the Kingsguard in their white Guard uniforms.  They ARE protecting the King, after all.