Keanu Reeves and Jason Mamoa Star In Ana LilyAmirpour’s “The Bad Batch.”

Two favorites, unexpectedly on screen  together.

The Bad Batch is slated for a June 2017 premier.  Director Ana Lily Amirpour- best known for 2014’s A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night , a  love story that follows a female vampire prowling the streets of an Iranian slum- ups the gore in bloodthirsty The Bad Batch.  Suki Waterhouse plays a lone heroine in a dystopian desert wasteland.  She runs afoul of Keanu Reeves and his private army of cannibals.  She finds in Mamoa a meat-cleaver wielding ally.

You can currently catch Keanu Reeves as the badass title character of John Wick: Chapter 2 and Jason Momoa in Netflix’s period epic Frontier, as a ruthless fur trader.